The Origins of Bio-Cosmo-Energy

CDP 6244Bio-Cosmo-Energy Healing treatment was developed in 1984 by Monika Mueller, a Munich born healer who currently resides in Montreal. The philosophy of the treatment is that each human being is a unity of spirit (cosmic energy) and body (material earth energy). The technique is has grown and evolved from Ms. Mueller’s expertise in the healing traditions of Shamanism, Tantra, and Yoga. Although a rather new form of healing, Ms. Mueller teaches this practice in Canada, Germany, Australia and Mexico.

What is Bio-Cosmo-Energy?

The purpose of Bio-Cosmo-Energy is to release energy blockages in the body to allow emotional release and promote healing. The school of thought behind this form of healing is that healthy bodies possess energy which is fluid and light, vibrating in a certain harmonious frequency. Since physical energy-blocks are manifestations of unconscious emotions in the body; sickness or disease, can be due to physical or emotional energy blockages.

What Does a Bio-Cosmo-Energy Treatment Feel Like?

CDP 6558 Since physical energy-blocks are most often the manifestations of unconscious emotions in the body, the treatment aims to enable a release on an emotional level. The client has the control to decide whether to go knowingly into a reflection of those emotions to experience a profound emotional release, or to just allow the physical release of emotions. This does not mean the client needs to experience the emotion to let it go; but deeper reflection assures a better result for general health.

Benefits of Bio-Cosmo-Energy

• mind/body connection is heightened • emotional release • accelerates mind and body healing process • deep relaxation • feeling of well-being • feelings of peace and security • calms the mind • feel refreshed • more positive, balanced outlook.

To see a video example of this treatment

CDP 6551 On the back: Video on Vimeo On the back of the legs: Video on Vimeo On the front of the body :Video on youtube

“Energy bodywork is often thought of as being a little esoteric. What I like about the Bio-Cosmo-Energy approach is that it is very structured and each “move” and “step” is organized to contribute to the next move or step. It’s a privilege when I practice this technique because it is so beautiful to listen to the energy inputs of the client’s body and work with them. Even more fascinating is that the benefits are echoed for a few days after the treatment.

Heartfelt thanks to Monika Mueller for taking me on as a student and entrusting me with her wisdom. Her Bio-Cosmo-Energy lessons have deepened my understanding of the subtle language of the body’s energy”.  Charles Dalpé

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